About the Innovation Course™ by 2thinknow®

You can expect to enable an innovation culture in your staff + speed & improve your innovation process in the Innovation Course™. 

Training to build your internal innovation capability.

With all course variations, learn the team process for implementing innovation.

What you get in our Training:

Past attendees of the Innovation Course have become leaders in the innovation process in their organizations globally from the USA to Europe to Mid-East and Asia.

Define Innovation

You will start with defining innovation. This is the first step of the innovation process to deliver your own ideas as innovations

Learn the Process

Learn our powerful, repeatable, shareable model of the innovation process for new products, processes and projects.

Select Ideas

Gather, select and evaluate your new ideas against your organization’s aims.

Create a Plan

You will create a plan, to design your innovation process using our structured Innovation Development Life-Cycle™ process.

Have Team Fun

Live, feel and touch innovation, and share group projects with your colleagues and peers. Develop new products, processes and projects.

See Case Studies

Only 2thinknow case-study led training gives you real industry examples which can be applied toyour organization and job

Measure Success

See examples how to design metrics, and measure the innovation as implemented in your organization

Share Innovation

Learn how to communicate up, down, across and outside your organization to gain critical support.

the Innovation Courseavailable for Product Innovators, Service Innovators and Leaders.


About 2thinknow

The Innovation Cities™ Index was established 2007 by innovation agency 2thinknow, and has grown to the world's longest running city ranking for innovation. Reported in major news sources such as the Boston Globe, Seattle Times, Reuters, Huffington Post, New York Times, Fox, Forbes, China Daily, The Age, Financial Post and International Newspapers in over 100 languages.

The index is based on 10+ years of data analysis, data science and advanced data modelling techniques.

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